The teams at Warrior Sneakers have spent some time working on a way to introduce this 70-year-old iconic sneaker brand into the local market place.
The objective was to do this with a sense of reverence and an understated cool.
We talking about a brand that stuck to their guns, maintained their core design ethics, and steered away from trying to be anything more than what they were. Yup, it’s that pair of “ones and two’s” that carry the entire simple, but remarkably compatible selection of elements like style, fit, comfort and versatility. All without the need for excessive pomp or ceremony. It’s the box ticker you can dress up or down, but mostly, just a cool pair of sneakers you’ll call your “go 2’s’” further down the line.
The WB-1 (that’s what this style is called – Warrior Basketball 1) was born in the seventies as a basketball gymnasium shoe that rapidly became a style icon in a then, meteorically evolving and liberated youth culture. A time when alternative style was pioneering its blueprint, converting recreational footwear into a “counter cultural street style. ”
So we sat down and decided on adopting an “old school” method of seeding the brands first 30 pairs of the WB-1’s to individuals we identified as  “WARRIORS”. Individuals we would love to see sliding around in a pair, adding their personal adaptations and touch.

During the first quarter of 2021, we launched a limited selection of WB-1 colours in both men’s’ and ladies sizes into the market place and including a  low key but considered e commerce driven campaign that, we hoped, would allow this sneaker to grow and achieve a comfy place.

We hope you’ll join us in this journey and test drive these sneakers, promote them amongst fellow “warriors” and help guide the brand to a wholesome place. Slip us some feedback and add your flavor to the conversation that over time, will form part of the Warrior tapestry and narrative that separates the brand from a pretty overcrowded landscape.
For now, please direct any input to, while we finish adding some choice finishings to our retail ready website platform.
 If you up for it, we’d love your contact details to keep our conversation going.

Team Warrior
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